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2021–2022 Team
2020–2021 Team
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The HMS Science Team consists of ~25 middle school students who compete at Science Olympiad competitions. Students in this selected group are motivated and enjoy learning about science. Learning on this team is more about "what else can I learn?" than "what do I need to know?" Students are given a chance to explore science that is not taught in school, like food science and geology. Most importantly, they will be part of a large family that competes, struggles, and celebrates together.

Science Team usually meets twice a week for 1.5 hours after school. The purpose of the meetings is to facilitate event preparation. Partners will be able to meet and collaborate. In addition, they will be meeting with the advisory team to study specific events. 

In addition to attending meetings, students are expected to study on their own at home and stay in contact with coaches and their partners throughout the week.

Since the HMS Science Team studies for and competes at the same competition as the SMHS Science Team, high school mentors may come to assist and mentor students who are doing similar or the same events.

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